Chris Lambert

Assistant Manager | Document Solutions

Chris Lambert is a senior member of Opveon's production team. He is known for his professional demeanor, superior work product, and outstanding customer service.

Chris is one of Opveon’s most versatile and valuable team members. Along with managing Opveon’s Litigation Production Center, Chris works with clients on a whole host of projects including but not limited to: preparation of electronic and hard copy documents for production, preparation of trial exhibit binders, e-discovery processing, and document management and organization.

Having shown a knack for and interest in videography, Chris is the newest member of Opveon’s legal videography team.  He covers depositions and assists with focus groups and other projects in which legal videography is utilized.  Chris comes from a strong management background and is currently serving as Opveon’s interim Office Manager.  

Chris graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.A. in History and is certified in secondary education. He has strong leadership skills and prides himself in his commitment to customer satisfaction.

In his spare time, he enjoys studying history, playing basketball, and is a loyal OSU Cowboys fan.

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