Molly A. Callahan

Trial Consultant

"Every case is a story, and my passion is helping you tell yours. Whether it be through compelling demonstrative aids or seamless trial presentation, OPVEON will be with you every step of the way." - Molly Callahan

Molly A. Callahan began her legal career in 2004. Since that time, she’s zigzagged across the country with a national trial team, spearheaded massive e-discovery projects for a client based in Ireland, and coordinated with local counsel from nearly every state for mass tort cases involving several different pharmaceutical companies. She appreciates the grand scale that litigation can hold while witnessing the impact and importance that quality representation has on our clients.

In the day to day, Molly has an aptitude for utilizing technology to solve problems. She thrives on the pursuit of “figuring it out” and has a mantra of “no isn’t an option.” She believes that each case is a story, and she has the unique talent for creating simple yet persuasive visual aids. In the past, she illustrated the differences in the timeline to file Offers of Settlement in various jurisdictions, statistics regarding a jury pool for client education, and a variety of medical timelines.

Molly obtained her paralegal certificate from an ABA approved college in 2004, her NALA paralegal certification in 2009, and an advanced certification in E-Discovery in 2011. In her free time, she enjoys learning new skills and improving old ones. Her hobbies include woodworking, farming, and outdoor activities with her two dogs, Murph and Pooka.

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