Sean Ford

Manager | Business Services

Sean has over 25 years’ experience in the graphic design and printing industry. He started out as an offset printing press operator for American Wholesale Thermography and has worked in almost every area of the printing and document production arena.  At Ligistix, OPVEON’s predecessor in interest, Sean was an integral part of developing, growing, and managing the LX Creative brand of services.   Sean is a talented graphic artist, designer, and photographer.  

At OPVEON, Sean will serve as the Manager of Opveon’s Business Services line.   He will be directly responsible for the management and growth of OPVEON’s non-legal line of services.  He will work closely with OPVEON’s CEO and Business Development Team to implement OPVEON’s strategic growth plan.

Sean is married to Jenny Ford, who is a registered nurse.  Sean describes her as the most “compassionate person he knows”.   Together, they have amazing twin boys and one grandson. In his spare time, Sean enjoys photography, all types of art, being creative, and tending to his garden.

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