Skylar Hough

Senior Creative Services Specialist

“I help litigators clearly communicate their client’s story, to the judge and jury, by empowering them with visual demonstratives that push their case to a desirable verdict.”

Skylar Hough is a highly skilled visual storyteller with a wealth of experience in legal demonstratives, evidence photography, and videography. As the Senior Creative Services Specialist at OPVEON, she plays a vital role in the courtroom, crafting persuasive and impactful demonstratives that captivate jurors and ensure information is both seen and heard, leading to higher retention rates.

Sky collaborates closely with OPVEON's trial consulting team to develop compelling demonstratives for use in trials and jury focus groups. Her ability to distill complex information into clear and engaging visuals is a testament to her expertise and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her work.  

Outside of her client-facing responsibilities, Sky actively collaborates with OPVEON's sales and marketing team. She contributes her talents to build, manage, and maintain internal marketing campaigns, social media content, blog posts, newsletters, corporate branding, and promotional materials for both OPVEON and OPVEON CREATIVE. Her dedication to elevating the company's brand presence and messaging is a significant asset.

Outside of work, Sky enjoys spending quality time with her family and catching up with friends. She is also an enthusiastic football fan (Go Kansas City Chiefs!!!).

With Skylar's exceptional skill set, creativity, and dedication to her craft, she continues to make a significant impact both in the courtroom and in promoting OPVEON's success through creative marketing endeavors.

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