Skylar Zak

Creative Services Specialist + Technology Consultant

"I enjoy breaking hard-to-understand concepts into concise demonstratives. It is rewarding to see the impact that visual story-telling brings to the courtroom." - Skylar Zak

Skylar is a part of Opveon's consulting team providing creative services in the form of graphics and demonstratives, evidence photography, deposition videography, creation and editing of site inspection videos, video surveillance cameras, and drone footage, just to name a few.

Clients love Skylar's keen eye for detail and appreciate her ability to create compelling graphics, demonstratives, and animations, that tell the client's story in a way that resonates with the fact finder. Not only are her graphics visually appealing, she is a master at explaining hard to understand concepts through graphical representations.

When not working with clients, Skylar brings the same skills she brings to clients, to the company's sales and marketing team. She works with Opveon's trial consultants and management team to create compelling presentations, marketing materials and videos, to showcase Opveon's creative brilliance and knack for communicating thoughts and ideas.

In Skylar's spare time, she enjoys photography, creative collaborations with friends, and traveling.

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