Trial strategy experts.
Technology gurus.
creative geniuses.
Data Management Masters.

At OPVEON, you'll find a high-octane mix of trial strategy experts, technology gurus, creative problem solvers, data management masters,  and customer service fanatics focused on serving the needs of law firms and in-house legal departments.

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Why Opveon

What Makes Opveon Unique?

Our vast experience and expertise make us invaluable to you and your law firm. From discovery to trial, we provide the full range of service offerings to help you effectively prepare and present your case.
We are proud to be the largest full-service litigation support and document/data management firm in the area.

Constant Service & Support

Litigation isn’t 9-to-5 and neither are we. Our team is available whenever you may need us. Even at the 11th hour.

Global Resources

Cases can take you anywhere. We have resources and contacts precisely where you need them and also offer solutions for remote litigation.

battle-Proven Expertise

Millions of pages of discovery and thousands of cases make us the go-to team to call. Our data management masters are at your service.

Innovative Thinking

The complexities of litigation are no match for the creative solutions that our team and yours can accomplish together. Our team of creative geniuses are the best in the business.

The Perfect Fit

Without missing a beat, we become a part of your team so that, together, we can put together a strategic plan to best fit your clients needs. Our team + your team = the perfect match.

Leaders In The Legal Field

We stay on top of new advancements in technology, such as offering litigators secure virtual jury focus groups, cutting edge e-discovery platforms, and top of the line equipment for your production needs..

Inside Opveon

Our process.


Comprehensive Services

Litigation support and consulting services that help make litigation more efficient and litigators more effective -- from discovery to trial.
We are your one-stop shop for all things litigation.


What Our Clients Have to Say

Whether working on a jury research project, designing compelling graphics, providing hot seat services in the courtroom, or performing contract paralegal work, our clients praise our work.

Sidley Austin

From focus groups to courtroom presentations, Opveon has provided us with full service support.  They combine skill, experience and judgment in a way that delivers excellent work product for all aspects of litigation.  Opveon is a trusted and valuable member of our trial teams.

Mark D. Hopson, Esq. | Managing Partner
Ben Mundel, Esq. | Associate Attorney

Richards & Connor

I have worked with April on numerous jury trials and consider her a vital part of the trial team.  Not only does she provide invaluable insight into the jury selection process, but she also provides her thoughts on the overall presentation of evidence and strategies to maximize our trial themes.  April works tirelessly at ensuring the evidence is prepared according to all Court mandates and can forecast the evidence needed without being prompted, which demonstrates her knowledge of trial tactics, the evidence, and how to maximize the chance of obtaining a successful verdict for my client.  Simply put: I would not try a case without her.

Grant A. Fitz, Esq.

McDaniel Acord, PLLC

My experience with April extends back to 2004, and she is, without a doubt, our go-to Trial Consultant.  As part of our trial team over the last 14 years, April has consistently performed at a high level, and she takes it as a personal and professional challenge to ensure that our clients receive the best technology and trial support possible.  Her education and experience has proven to be a valuable addition to our strategy development, and her joyful presence and work ethic make her a welcome addition to every war room and counsel table.  April is never part of the problem – she is always a key to the solution.

Scott McDaniel, Esq. | Managing Partner

Frasier, Frasier & Hickman

I was introduced to April in 2007 by another lawyer and have been grateful ever since. She and the Opveon team are far more than trial consultants.  No task is too small or too great; you can rely on the Opveon team to complete any task thoroughly, efficiently and with exceptional detail.  I know that when I ask for Opveon’s help, the work gets done as if I were doing it myself.  April and her team continue to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Frank W. Frasier, Esq.

Baker McKenzie

I have been using April with Opveon for years. April works to gain critical insight into both my client's business and the facts of our case.  She gains the trust of the client and trial team.  She is dependable, efficient, and brilliant, and her company is a one-stop shop for trial graphics, trial assistance, jury consulting, and video editing.  In my experience, April and her team are integral to all of the decision-making processes during trial.  From jury consulting and visual aids to story-telling and jury testing, I don't make decisions without consulting April and her team. 

Michelle Hartmann, Esq. | Partner

Norman Wohlgemuth

April takes an enterprising approach to her engagements and is an invaluable partner for modern law practice. April consistently provides excellent services and results for our firm.

Chad Kutmas, Esq. | Partner

Meet Our Management & Consulting Team

"The real competitive advantage in any business is not the service offering or the product, but in the leadership and team that provides those services and products; because in the team environment, there is innovation, collaboration, communication, and superior work product beyond what any one individual can provide." - April J. Ferguson, CEO | Opveon Litigation Services, LLC

April J Ferguson
April J. FergusoN, M.S.

April J. Ferguson, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer

April J. Ferguson, M.S. is the Chief Executive Officer of OPVEON Litigation Services, LLC and is the head of OPVEON’s trial consulting practice.

For her clients, April is a trust partner, a team player, and an invaluable asset to their litigation teams. She works tirelessly with trial teams to tell their client’s story in a way that resonates with jurors and creates in them a desire to be an advocate for that client in the jury deliberation room.

Marsha Ray
Ric Larson
Vice President | Operations
Tara Funck, MBA
Vice President | Accounting & Administration
Patti A. Huchteman, ACP
Senior Trial Consultant
Molly A. Callahan
Trial Consultant
Julie Ferguson
Trial Technology Consultant
Brian Grossman
Director | E-Discovery & FORENSICS
Roberto Montero
Director: Creative Services & Business Development
Rick Lang
Manager | Document Solutions
Tom Overgaard
Manager | Digital Production
Robert Thompson
Assistant Production Manager
Nick Halter
Senior Account Manager
Lisa Grossman
Account Manager
Kim Lang
Executive Assistant to CEO | Accounting Specialist