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Jury Research Practice

The jury selection process is a methodical deconstruction of jurors’ biases ending in a frenzy of decision making that is not for the faint of heart.

At Opveon, we evaluate each juror’s verbal and nonverbal responses to determine whether they will be a leader or follower, legalistic or liberal, knowledgeable about the topics of our case, sympathetic to one side or the other, as well as other demographic indicators.

All of this information is then synthesized with demographic data and our previous experiences so that we can de-select the potentially dangerous jurors and end up with a seated jury that will be primed to actively listen to our case and be engaged in the trial.

In theme development we dive into your case to identify the salient details that juror’s decisions hinge on. Those ideas are broken down, flipped around, shaken up, and re-worked so that each and every decision maker has all of the facts necessary to render a decision in our favor.

Every case is unique, and we treat every idea that way. This process isn’t a one-way street. It can’t be. We work with the litigators, client, and the experts to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We go through painstaking efforts to make absolutely certain every facet of the case is presented accurately and persuasively.

Our jury research services include virtual jury focus groups that can be facilitated remotely, in-person jury focus groups, discussion groups, and mock trials.

Overall case analysis

Reviewing fact finder’s perspectives allows our experienced consulting team to analyze your case facts and develop key themes supportive of your client's position.

Demographic indicators

Demographic indicators are essential to generating accurate and reliable statistics for a case; providing litigators with supportive outlooks from social perspectives.

Hot-Button issues

Our Hot-Button analysis techniques provide litigators with systematic insight to enhancing the evaluation and supportive nature of their case development process.

Witness evaluation & Preparation

We help to prepare witnesses for what to expect in the courtroom and how to handle themselves in front of the jury.


We believe that a properly designed presentation will change the decision-making behavior of a jury.

Resonating concepts

Opveon helps to transform complex themes into clear, actionable presentations of evidence that empower decision makers.

1 Part Art, 1 Part Science.

Jury research and selection is as much an art as it is a science. We rely on historical demographic data as well as the wisdom we garner from our in-courtroom experience. Our goal is to determine, not only the best type of juror to stack our pool with, but also how to communicate our case to those particular jurors in order to sway them in our favor.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Research data is of tremendous benefit to the entire trial team when preparing the case for presentation to a jury. The considerable knowledge gained during our customized process can be applied to the strategy of how to approach the witnesses and evidence in the case, in turn providing you and your client with the confidence and power to deliver a compelling story that will resonate with jurors.

Flexible Solutions

We can host your mock trial, focus group, or other form of jury research, at a location of your choice, at our in-house research and conference suite in our downtown Tulsa facility, or through our secure online platform.

Whether our research is conducted in-person or online, we utilize standard recruiting methods to ensure the jury panel is consistent with the demographics of the trial venue. Numerous security and quality control measures are used to make certain the most reliable data is being collected.

Virtual Jury Focus Groups

Our online method of jury research utilizes a secure online portal where mock jurors can view and react to pre-recorded presentations of counsel, video testimony, and relevant exhibits. Jurors will be asked to respond to questionnaires at various stages of the research process, which will be securely broadcast to counsel as soon as all participants have submitted their questionnaire responses.

After the research project is complete, we will meet with counsel to go over our findings, make recommendations, assist with theme development, and work with your team to craft compelling demonstrative graphics. If you want a written report summarizing our findings, we can provide that as well.

Virtual Jury Focus Groups do not lack any of the benefits as traditional research methods. If you’re looking to save on costs and reduce travel, we recommend you try our virtual approach.

Research Facility

We are proud to have an in-house research and conference suite in our downtown Tulsa facility, which can accommodate up to 100 research participants. Our spacious suites are complimentary to you when conducting a mock trial or focus group.

We also provide complimentary conference room suites to our clients for witness preparation, should you need a space, free from distraction, to prepare your client for testimony.

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