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Trial Technology

Technology is a tool that helps you tell a story - your client's story. We become part of your team so that you can focus on the law while we focus on the technological aspects of trying a case. Everything from war room setup to courtroom technology and hot seat services, we have you covered.

Courtroom Setup

We'll take care of every aspect of technology.

Hot Seat Services

You'll never want to try a case without our consulting team again.

War room Support

Laptops, projectors, screens, printers, and more.

Certified experienced professionals.

Opveon’s trial consulting team is comprised of some of the most well-respected and experienced Trial Technology Consultants in the country.   Having worked on large pieces of complex litigation from coast to coast, our consultants have years of combined expertise and experience in the courtroom, making them an invaluable asset to any litigation team. 

Members of our consulting team hold the following certifications:  Certified Trial Technology Specialist (CTTS), Certified Trial Director Trainer & Consultant, Advanced Certified Paralegal, Summation Certified Specialist, among others.  

Technology that works for you.

Technology shouldn't make life more difficult, confusing, or frustrating. Quite to the contrary. Technology should work for you and that is where we come in. You focus on your case and we'll make sure that every technological tool is at your disposal.

From the most up to date and high-end hardware to cutting edge software, we have just the solution for your case.

Speed and accuracy are paramount.

In the courtroom, speed and accuracy are paramount. Opveon’s Trial Technology Specialists are fast and precise, always working to stay in step with your witness examinations and presentations of evidence.

With hundreds of combined trials under our belt, you won't find a more experienced group of technology consultants anywhere.

We are your technology partner.

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