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Online Review & Hosting

Let OPVEON and its strategic software partners, Nextpoint® and CloudNine®, streamline your document review, analysis, processing, and production.  Simplify workflows and cut costs with end-to-end software.  We have strategies to make it affordable for every case.

Smarter + Simpler E-Discovery Software

  • High-performance cloud-based software.  Single-case plans.  No processing fees.  No hosting fees.  Only per user fees per month. 100% satisfaction.
  • Simplify workflows and cut costs with Nextpoint’s end-to-end software solutions.

How Nextpoint Works

Nextpoint makes it easier to do everything you do with evidence – every day.


Drag-&-Drop all files for simple secure import


Quickly filter and cull with data-set visualization


Accelerate doc review with custom settings


Send instant productions with a mouse-click


Easily manage depositions and transcripts


Create custom doc treatments and call-outs

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Cloud based eDiscovery automation software to speed up and simplify discovery review and production to quickly begin reviewing data.

CLOUDNINE REVIEW® is a leading web-based document review and analysis software used by over 50 of the top 250 U.S. Law firms and the world’s leading corporations. As an authorized reseller, OPVEON can consult and assist on using CloudNine as an easy and cost-effective solution to quickly upload and review, search, and code documents and emails/attachments in a secure cloud environment.

SIMPLICITY, SECURITY, SPEED AND SAVINGS mean you and your clients save time and money by efficiently processing and reviewing data from small-scale to large-scale projects. You will experience the benefits of CloudNine Review® at every phase of the case or project and have the option to upload data and review independently or have experienced OPVEON professionals assist along the way.

ONLINE ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME allows multiple users from various location, including experts, co-counsel, and clients, to collaborate on document review and production.

“Don’t get bogged down by the minutia of the technical details.   One of our e-discovery consultants will walk you through the process and ensure that you get precisely what you need, not some cookie-cutter-deliverable.”

– Brian Grossman | Director – eDiscovery & Forensics
OPVEON Litigation Services, LLC

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