The Opveon Difference

Legal Video

With high-definition cameras and an end-to-end digital pipeline, we can capture every nuance of witness testimony, synchronize the video to the court reporter's transcript, then edit and play it back at trial. Easy.

Certified Deposition Video Experts

Certified Deposition Video Specialists (CDVS) are deposition video experts that solve problems and follow procedures to protect your record.

Certified Evidentiary Video Specialists

Certified Evidentiary Video Specialists (CEVS) help to record your evidence to provide the jury with a unique vantage point when assessing the merits of your case.


Our certified videographers  deliver the finest quality - through experience, knowledge, and top-of-the-line-equipment.

Video Editing Services

We offer high quality video editing services, performed by our legal video expert team.

Certified Video Experts

Opveon is pleased to employee and contract with videographers that are certified through the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV), the leading national certification company for Legal Videographers and Trial Technology Consultants.

"Garbage In, Garbage Out"... Not on our watch!

We have painstakingly designed each and every step of the workflows that we employ in order to retain the integrity of your case materials. It doesn’t matter if we’re capturing video, scanning exhibits, or digitally converting cassette tapes, our team takes great care with your testimony and evidence.

Your conference room.

Opveon has four conference rooms, in our downtown Tulsa facility, available for your use at anytime. Whether you need to host a deposition, prepare a witness, or hold a video conference - we have you covered. We'll have everything set up prior to your meeting.

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