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In the News — Ahmaud Arbery Trial: Jury Selection

When OPVEON is hired to assist in jury selection, we evaluate each juror’s verbal and nonverbal responses to determine whether they will be a leader or follower. We work to determine whether jurors are knowledgeable about the topics of the case, assist you in designing questions to determine a juror’s potential to be biased to one side or the other, and we look for demographic indicators that will lead us to develop a full juror profile.


Latest News

In the News — Oklahoma Opioid Litigation: Document Production

The Oklahoma Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision Tuesday, November 9, 2021, overturning a $465 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson in the first opioid litigation case to go to trial in the U.S. in the spring of 2019.

In the News — Texas v. New Mexico Trial: From Discovery to Trial

OPVEON is privileged to be a part of the legal team representing the State of New Mexico in the case of the State of Texas v. State of New Mexico, State of Colorado and the United States, an original jurisdiction case pending before the United States Supreme Court. This trial is the culmination of years of work throughout the discovery and pre-trial phases.

Site Inspection Videography

A site inspection video is a powerful and captivating piece of evidence that provides the judge and jury with complete accuracy, clarity, and understanding. From our experience, site inspection videos provide your case with a favorable impact.

Picture-in-Picture Technology: A Powerful Tool For Your Next Deposition

Picture-in-Picture technology provides an effective way of capturing both the witnesses’ testimony and their interaction with the exhibit.

Test Your Internet Speed

When preparing for a video conference, it is essential to prepare ahead of time. One great and simple way to ensure the video conference will run smoothly is to run an internet speed test.

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