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Key Advantages of Virtual Focus Groups

With respect to jury research methods, many trial consultants have moved their practice from the traditional in-person focus groups to a virtual environment.


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Site Inspection Videography

A site inspection video is a powerful and captivating piece of evidence that provides the judge and jury with complete accuracy, clarity, and understanding. From our experience, site inspection videos provide your case with a favorable impact.

Picture-in-Picture Technology: A Powerful Tool For Your Next Deposition

Picture-in-Picture technology provides an effective way of capturing both the witnesses’ testimony and their interaction with the exhibit.

Test Your Internet Speed

When preparing for a video conference, it is essential to prepare ahead of time. One great and simple way to ensure the video conference will run smoothly is to run an internet speed test.

Equip Your Case with Visual Persuasion

Through the combination of imagery and spoken words, it is proven that information is significantly more retained and better understood. Ultimately, pairing the right visual mediums with your case will drive persuasion.

How Courts Around the Country are Handling Jury Trials During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article is written to serve as a summary of the precautions and safety measures that are being taken by various courts across the country. It is not all inclusive but contains a broad cross section of what jurors, attorneys and litigants should anticipate and expect should they be involved in a jury trial.

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