The Opveon Difference

Document Production &
E-Discovery Services

Opveon offers efficient document production and e-discovery solutions for law firms. Our services include printing, copying, scanning, binding, blowbacks, file conversion, load file creation, and bates numbering.

Our digital-centric workflow, blazing fast equipment, extreme attention to detail, and around-the-clock service ensures that your project is captured clearly and produced quickly.

Litigation is unpredictable. Decisions are made, parties settle, rulings are handed down and you have to react immediately. It can be overwhelming at times but know that you can depend on us to answer your call when something comes up and you need help with your case. We offer around the clock service to meet your every litigation document production need.

Copy Services

 Top of the line machines, quick turn-around time.

Scan Services

 Never worry about quality control for your scan project. We have you covered.

Digital Printing & Blowbacks

 High speed printers, exceptional quality.


Dry erase capabilities


PDF to Tiff, etc.

Load File Creation

Summation, Concordance,
Trial Director, etc.

Digital-Centric Workflow = Flexibility

We store all of your documents digitally so it's a breeze to bates number and blow back, or export to other file formats. Ready for trial? We can reference the same digital documents and blow them back with exhibit numbers, allowing us to retain their integrity and eliminate duplicate work.

Time is of
the Essence

Speed is absolutely critical to the litigation process. Documents and data need to be available yesterday so that decisions can be made, witnesses can be prepped, and cases can be presented effectively. That’s why we carefully select the most efficient equipment and work with high-performance suppliers.

Painless E-Discovery Process

Don’t get bogged down by the minutiae of the technical details. One of our e-discovery consultants will walk you through the process and ensure that you get precisely what you need, not some cookie-cutter-deliverable. We handle everything from e-discovery processing to hosting.

Five separate levels of quality control.

Speed is critical, but we don't sacrifice quality for it. We balance the two. When we get job specifications for a project, we check it. As it is imported into our system, we check it. During processing, we check it. As the blowbacks are printed or the load files are created, we check it. Before we deliver it, we check it. You deserve it.

We will always be your safety net -- not the other way around.

What's Next

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We would love to talk to you about your next production or e-discovery project.  From data processing to online review platforms, we have a solution to meet almost any budget.

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