Equip Your Case with Visual Persuasion

Through the combination of imagery and spoken words, it is proven that information is significantly more retained and better understood. Ultimately, pairing the right visual mediums with your case will drive persuasion.

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The idea that demonstrative evidence makes your case presentation more memorable to jurors is supported by science. In a study performed by Weiss and McGrath, they found that after 72 hours people retain 10% of what they hear, 20% of they see, and 65% of what they see and hear.  

In a case with an overwhelming amount of information, utilizing graphics and demonstrative evidence is crucial. When considering visuals for your case, it’s important to understand that the information you have known for a significant period of time is brand new to the jurors. It can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in and process. How do you help jurors retain what you say? You use science – and arm jurors with the tools they need by giving them the power to hear AND see what you say. Through the combination of imagery and spoken words, it is proven that information is significantly more retained and better understood. Ultimately, pairing the right visual mediums with your case will drive persuasion.


Benefits of litigation graphics and other visual mediums:

  • Increases retention
  • Increases understanding
  • Builds engagement
  • Drives persuasion
  • Draws attention
  • Gains interest of audience
  • Effectively communicates sequences, relationships, data, etc.
  • Illustrates central messages
  • Distills complex matters into easy-to-understand concepts

Choosing Visual Mediums

What are the best demonstratives for your case?

When equipping your case with visuals, there are many great options that should not be overlooked. Today, there are many mediums that go beyond charts and graphs. Ultimately, the demonstratives that should be used are case dependent. At OPVEON, we can help you determine the best visuals for your matter. Often, cases benefit from a variety of visuals, because diversifying the way information is presented keeps jurors on the edge of their seats.

What are different options for visually presenting evidence?


Slide decks are best when paired with your opening and closing statements to help clarify key points and to demonstrate the framework of your case. Seasoned attorneys recognize that applying visuals when opening and closing is momentous. First impressions are everything, so it is critical to make an impact and engage the jury from the start. Continuing to reiterate with graphics and videos applies even more emphasis throughout your case. Slide decks are also very effective for use with expert witnesses. Explaining hard to understand concepts in a step-by-step (slide-by-slide) format is helpful in terms of educating jurors on complex facts.

At OPVEON, our team is experienced at designing slide decks that demonstrate crucial information, concisely.


Again, when a large collection of information is being presented for the first time, it can be difficult for the listening audience to keep up. Timelines empower jurors to quickly gain understanding of the chronological order of events.

At OPVEON, our team is experienced in distilling complex information into easy-to-follow timelines that are accurate, visually appealing, and comprehensible.


Photography is a powerful tool for capturing a scene precisely as it is. It should be utilized as early as possible to document and retain evidence.

Our experienced photographers use high performing cameras for outstanding image quality that can be largely blown up for exhibits boards or projection screens, while remaining clarity. Our team will securely back up images to ensure evidence does not get lost.


3D Animation may be used to re-create a scene or event. 3D animation demonstrates factors such as spatial recognition, distance, and speed. Animation can greatly influence a juror’s understanding.

Our graphics team can transform a claim into a convincing and thorough 3D animation.


Virtual Reality is as close as it gets to a juror walking in your client’s shoes. Through VR, a juror can obtain the most accurate perception of a scene. VR is an incredible advancement in communicating critical information in a way that’s easily comprehended and extremely engaging. It can literally place any person at a scene or incident as it was.

We can help you determine if virtual reality is right for your case. If so, our team can re-create a space for a juror to discover or re-create an event for a juror to watch. We will provide and set up technology.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth. Legal videos such as day-in-the-life videos and site inspections are extremely powerful. Day-in-the-life videos have the capability to demonstrate the severity of a plaintiff’s situation or injuries and the overall impact it has on their life throughout their daily activities, which provides a juror with a broader understanding than statements alone. Site inspection videos preserve evidence in complete accuracy, which will prove your client’s claim.

Our legal videographers will empower your case through our experience, knowledge, and top-of-the-line equipment.

Litigation Graphic Consultants

Why should you hire a litigation graphic consultant?

If you want your case to be as strong as possible, hiring a litigation graphic consultant is essential. Litigation graphic consultants are specialized in visually presenting critical information for legal matters. They understand the importance and the stakes at hand. With that understanding and their skill of visually thinking, they are able to determine the best visuals for your case and create graphics that are not only informative, but also appealing, engaging, memorable, and understandable.

At OPVEON, our team holds over 100 years of combined experience and is diversely equipped with graphic consultants, trial consultants, technology consultants, and legal videographers. Together, we work in a seamless collaborative effort to empower our clients with the tools they need to tell their client’s story effectively. Through our knowledge and experience, we create persuasive demonstratives that resonate with both the judge and the jury.

When should you hire a litigation graphic consultant?

As early as possible. Although we often time have clients contacting us to assist them with graphic development shortly before trial, the best answer is to engage us as early as possible. Allow our experienced team to assist you through the entire lifecycle of the case. From discovery to settlement, trial prep, and trial, we are your go-to partner for all things creative.  

Equip Your Case

Every case can benefit from litigation graphics. At OPVEON, we will help you determine what the most effective visual mediums are for your case and budget. Email us at info@opveon.com or call us at 918-359-8900.


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